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Introducing Spark™ Lite, the board designed with the active saber wielder in mind. Spark™ Lite is designed to be used in sabers that spend a lot of time in use and don’t want to spend time in configuration.

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RealSwing Enabled

Spark™ Lite now comes equipped with RealSwing! This is the real-time motion tracking algorithm that allows long drawn out swings for slower motions. Simply put 4 lswgNN.wav files in the lswg folder to enable the feature for any font in font1; default font comes ready to go.

Ease of installation

Spark™ Lite is designed to take no time to install/setup that time can be spent using the saber. All the configuration settings are directly stored in the firmware, and thus there is no config editor needed. Further, the sounds are scoped to one font with a set number of sounds, so that almost any font can just be copied and used. Finally, the board is directly setup for in-hilt LEDs only, with basic flash-clash effects.

For further ease of installation, the board is setup to always use one momentary switch. This keeps wiring simple and operation easy and understandable.

Top-Tier Board

While the features of the board have been scoped to make a streamlined experience, the quality is still top-tier. This board packs a 16 bit DAC, which isn’t even present on mid-level boards from other manufacturers. Further, it retains the MotionSense V2 algorithm direct from Igniter 3™, so the best sound and motion detection on the market, for a reasonable price.

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The following is a list of the most exciting features of Spark™ Lite.

  • True 16bit, 22050Hz DAC for sound normally reserved for high-end boards.
  • Same Motion Sense V2 Swing/Slash and Clash recognition as on Igniter 3™.
  • Classic clash-flash supported
  • 1 sound font, limited to: 1 hum, 1 extension, 1 retraction, 8 swings, 4 blasts, 4 clashes, 1 lockup
  • Blaster Blocks and Clash/Lockup effects with built-in variances.
  • 3 basic accent pads; first comes on when the kill key is pulled, second comes on after boot, third comes on with the saber running.
  • Works with only one momentary button, with all features still accessible.
  • Runs on a single 3.7v battery for maximum space savings.
  • Board dimensions: 2.07”x0.85”x0.023”; 1.75”x0.85”x0.023” with the TruDrive removed.
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The following table highlights the differences between the Igniter 2™, Spark Color 2™, and Spark 2™ line.

Feature Spark 3™ Spark Color 3™ Igniter 3™
Audio Quality 16bit DAC 16bit DAC 16bit DAC
Clash Detection MotionSense V2 MotionSense V2 MotionSense V2
Sound Fonts 3 6 Up to 16
Music SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks with blade extension, retraction, and pulse. SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks with blade extension, retraction, and pulse, and color change. SaberCinema to play up to 99 tracks while using the saber with all functionality, just the hum is the track.
Colors 3 Channels for RGB mixing over each of the 3 fonts. Up to 9 color sets for RGBA mixing. Up to 16 color profiles, with 32 independent RGBA blade colors.
Color Variation One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per font for a total of 3 One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per color-set, up to 9 One blade, blast, clash/lockup, and dual phase (secondary blade) color per font, up to 16
Color Switch Font switch only Switch font to get to its default color-set; every font can cycle through every color-set Switch font to get to each font's profile; twist wrist to perform dual-phase color
Color Variation NA NA ClashShade™, BlastShade™, and BladeShade™
Cross Guard Built-in Single-color quillions with effects on blade only Single-color quillions with effects on blade only Single-color quillions with effects on blade only
Cross Guard w/ XDrive NA RGB mixing on blade and quillions RGB mixing on blade and quillions
Saber Apps NA Configuration only Up to 16 apps
Accent LEDs 3 3 8
Extra Sounds NA Single 'dual.wav' on the root 99 dualA, dualB, smsh, and fx sounds per font


The following properties are shared across all my sound boards.