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Introducing the most powerful 3.7v sound board to ever hit the market, the Igniter 3™. Jam-packed with amazing features and powerful hardware, this is the board you’ve been looking for.

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Igniter 3™ comes equipped with an off-CPU 16bit DAC, providing the MaxAmp™ with the cleanest signal yet, while offering the best volume for a 3.7v amp. With true 1/16th increments in volume for both hum and effects, you can have crystal clear, loud, full-speed audio perfectly tuned for any speaker, flat or bass alike. Featuring the improved SaberSense™ motion engine for both attack and parry of clashes, along with the world-renown swing detection, Igniter 3™ is sure to delight anyone building a unique prop.

Igniter 3(TM)

Pixel Support

Igniter 3™ comes equipped with Pixel Support. This allows any WS2812b, WS2813, SK6812, or even SK6812 RGBW to be used for the main blade! The best one to use is the IntelliBlade™ which is design and sold right here:


The IntelliBlade™ is design to give the best output and work perfectly with Igniter 3™, and comes in at twice the brightness of any other solution that we have tested.

It is also possible to use the Adafruit skinny style 144 LED/m strips

144 Led/meter strip

Or to build a string out of 5mm straw hat LEDs

5mm Straw-Hat NeoPixel

To learn more about WS2812b, go to the AdaFruit guide below.

Adafruit NeoPixel Uber Guide

New Features in Igniter 3™

The Igniter 3™ comes with all the classic features of Igniter 2™, but with a few additional improvements. With Dual Phase™ a new dhumNN.wav can be added in the /hum folder. This will allow the hum to switch when going into the dual phase color for that font. Up to 99 dhum wav files can be added, allowing for a variety of different hums. If a dhum file is not present for a font, it will simply keep the same hum and only switch colors (the legacy behavior).

Multiphase™ has been completely enhanced as well. Now, instead of completely switching into the next font, the new hum and colors will be loaded, but the effects sounds and effect animations from the primary font will be kept. This allows every hum to be used with every other sound effect, allowing the broadest sound set feature on any board! No need to wait for the font to load after switching anymore either; after the color switch the font is ready to use.

Check out the powerful Igniter 3™ in action below to experience the powerful punch this little board delivers.

Pixel Support

The following are the software and hardware specs for the Igniter 3™ sound board.

  • Drive an RGB LED to experience TruColor™; now any blade color is ready via the config file.
  • Support for both a traditional LED or a NeoPixel string in the same board! Experience the brightness of the strings with the amazing Extension and Retraction Flow, and Impact Blast™, the ability to replicate bolts hitting the blade.
  • Experience Multi-Die Clash™ at its full potential. You can now have any color not only for your blade color, but for your bling-on-cling effects as well!
  • Experience 16 different sabers in one - with 16 different banks you can have 16 different blade colors and sounds to match. Create a dark, light, grey and anything in between, all configurable via the config.ini file and selectable by simply pressing the aux button to get to the next font. And with with MultiPhase™, it is possible to match any hum with any other sound set, giving a total of 16 x 16 = 265 total sound combinations!
  • With Blast Shade™, Clash Shade™, and Blade Shade™ experience multiple shades for your blade and effects colors in one font!
  • Experience DualPhase™, the ultimate feature in color! Now you can transition between two different colors with the flick of the wrist, and can even swap the hums to have a distinct sound for each blade color.
  • Behold the power of Saber Apps™, the first saber OS that allows an infinite possibility of experiences for your saber. Load configuration apps, games, and even the Spark Color™ firmware all on one saber!
  • Supports 22050Hz, 16bit mono wav files.
  • Supports TruMix™ with Auto-Compressing Technology™ which supports crystal clear mixing of sounds without the need to pre-mix them. This allows for any hum to be used with any other effect sound, allowing endless possibilities for sound font creation.
  • Supports up to 16 different sound fonts, which can be used to store different sounds and different settings for blade effects, swing settings and clash settings.
  • Supports up to 99 sounds of each effect per sound font. You will never again worry about hearing the same sound twice!
  • Live the movies as you use Saber Cinema™; play your favorite tunes, and still use your saber with light and effects sounds, all while the music is playing!
  • Comes with 8 Accent LEDs pads, 3 being easy solder that can be used to drive up to 8 Accent LEDs. Choose from one of the 8 patterns including "Random", where it cycles through all patterns randomly. Patterns speed/effects are completely configurable, so you will never run out of fresh ideas here!
  • Hardware specs: 16bit DAC, 2.4W @ 8ohm Audio amp, 4A MOSFET for driving 4 independent die, inputs for two momentary switches (main and aux), 8 outputs for driving small 2-3v accent LEDs, fully integrated 6-axis swing detection for motion and impact detection.
  • Board size: 2.07” x 0.85” x 0.26” with driver; 1.75” x 0.85” x 0.26” driver removed.
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The following table highlights the differences between the Igniter 2™, Spark Color 2™, and Spark 2™ line.

Feature Spark 3™ Spark Color 3™ Igniter 3™
Audio Quality 16bit DAC 16bit DAC 16bit DAC
Clash Detection MotionSense V2 MotionSense V2 MotionSense V2
Sound Fonts 3 6 Up to 16
Music SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks with blade extension, retraction, and pulse. SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks with blade extension, retraction, and pulse, and color change. SaberCinema to play up to 99 tracks while using the saber with all functionality, just the hum is the track.
Colors 3 Channels for RGB mixing over each of the 3 fonts. Up to 9 color sets for RGBA mixing. Up to 16 color profiles, with 32 independent RGBA blade colors.
Color Variation One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per font for a total of 3 One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per color-set, up to 9 One blade, blast, clash/lockup, and dual phase (secondary blade) color per font, up to 16
Color Switch Font switch only Switch font to get to its default color-set; every font can cycle through every color-set Switch font to get to each font's profile; twist wrist to perform dual-phase color
Color Variation NA NA ClashShade™, BlastShade™, and BladeShade™
Cross Guard Built-in Single-color quillions with effects on blade only Single-color quillions with effects on blade only Single-color quillions with effects on blade only
Cross Guard w/ XDrive NA RGB mixing on blade and quillions RGB mixing on blade and quillions
Saber Apps NA Configuration only Up to 16 apps
Accent LEDs 3 3 8
Extra Sounds NA Single 'dual.wav' on the root 99 dualA, dualB, smsh, and fx sounds per font


The following properties are shared across all my sound boards.