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The revolution in sound is here. Sound Hive brings you loud, clear sound generated from any PC or laptop. Using the Sound Horent with Saber Stinger powered Igniter 2™ sabers, you will be able to blast the sound of 2 full sabers and up to 16 sabers (professional) to any speaker setup, including a PA system!

Sound Hive comes in two editions – personal, which is free for anyone to use and download, and professional, which can be used by saber groups to broadcast sound from performances.

Sound Hive Personal

The personal edition of Sound Hive supports 5 mixing channels of 22050Hz audio, and up to 8 sabers connected. This allows the individual that wants to use a few sabers with friends or really wants loud sound at a con for some sabers to be able to bring a laptop and speaker setup.

The following are the features of the Personal Sound Hive

  • 16bit, 22060Hz crystal clear sound generated from the computer.
  • Supports all the features of Igniter 2 (expect Multi-Phase).
  • Supports five audio mixing channels using TruMix with Auto-Compressing Technology™.
  • Two dedicated hum channels so that two sabers can be represented.
  • Three effects channels that are shared, allowing all effects to overlap, providing a rich sound.
  • Up to eight sabers can run at a time, where sabers 3-8 will run effects only (no hum).
  • Requires a Windows 7 or higher OS to run. Now works on .Net 4.6.1+!


Sound Hive Professional

If you are a group looking to use this setup for your performances, please contact me directly for a quote.

Saber Swarm

Sound Hornet is one part of the entire Saber Swarm system. This system is the entire wireless solution from Naigon’s Electronic Creations, allowing Igniter 2-powered sabers to communicate with a sound server utilizing the ZigBee mesh networking. If you are looking for the personal hardware to make a small speaker setup that does not require a computer to operate, then check out the Sound Hornet.

Sound Hornet
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The following table highlights the differences between the Igniter 2™, Spark Color 2™, and Spark 2™ line.

Feature Spark 3™ Spark Color 3™ Igniter 3™
Audio Quality 16bit DAC 16bit DAC 16bit DAC
Clash Detection MotionSense V2 MotionSense V2 MotionSense V2
Sound Fonts 3 6 Up to 16
Music SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks with blade extension, retraction, and pulse. SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks with blade extension, retraction, and pulse, and color change. SaberCinema to play up to 99 tracks while using the saber with all functionality, just the hum is the track.
Colors 3 Channels for RGB mixing over each of the 3 fonts. Up to 9 color sets for RGBA mixing. Up to 16 color profiles, with 32 independent RGBA blade colors.
Color Variation One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per font for a total of 3 One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per color-set, up to 9 One blade, blast, clash/lockup, and dual phase (secondary blade) color per font, up to 16
Color Switch Font switch only Switch font to get to its default color-set; every font can cycle through every color-set Switch font to get to each font's profile; twist wrist to perform dual-phase color
Color Variation NA NA ClashShade™, BlastShade™, and BladeShade™
Cross Guard Built-in Single-color quillions with effects on blade only Single-color quillions with effects on blade only Single-color quillions with effects on blade only
Cross Guard w/ XDrive NA RGB mixing on blade and quillions RGB mixing on blade and quillions
Saber Apps NA Configuration only Up to 16 apps
Accent LEDs 3 3 8
Extra Sounds NA Single 'dual.wav' on the root 99 dualA, dualB, smsh, and fx sounds per font


The following properties are shared across all my sound boards.