MaxAmp(TM), the small add-on that offers a big punch in volume.

For those wanting the loudest possible saber, MaxAmp™ is here to knock your socks off with its extreme volume. For a rich, full sound with Igniter 2™, Spark Color 2™ and Spark 2™, use this module to drive a second speaker, allowing for a bass and treble speaker in one saber! These boards even come with two small pads to solder this extension board to, making adding it much easier than with previous versions.

You can also use this with Igniter Mini™ or other 3.7v boards instead of the built-in amp to get louder sound for a single speaker setup.

Note: This product requires soldering to small SMD components for Igniter Mini™, the original Spark Color™, and the original Spark™; it is recommended for experienced installers only.

The diagram below shows how to wire the MaxAmp with a two speaker setup.

Wiring diagram for the MaxAmp to use a second speaker

Wiring diagram for Igniter 2, Spark Color 2, and Spark 2 to use the MaxAmp to run a two speaker setup. Taken from the Igniter 2 manual. Click to enlarge.

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The following table highlights the differences between the Igniter 2™, Spark Color 2™, and Spark 2™ line.

Feature Spark 2™ Spark Color 2™ Igniter 2™
Sound Fonts 3 6 Up to 16
Music SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks SaberCinema to play up to 99 tracks while using the saber
Colors Classic flash clash supported Up to 9 color sets for RGBA mixing Up to 16 color profiles, with 32 independent blade colors
Color Variation One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per font for a total of 3 One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per color-set, up to 9 One blade, blast, clash/lockup, and dual phase (secondary blade) color per font, up to 16
Color Switch Font switch only Switch font to get to its default color-set; every font can cycle through every color-set Switch font to get to each font's profile; twist wrist to perform dual-phase color
Color Switch NA NA ClashShade™, BlastShade™, and BladeShade™
Cross Guard Built-in Single-color quillions with NO AUX FLASH Single-color quillions with effects on blade only Single-color quillions with effects on blade only
Cross Guard w/ XDrive NA RGB mixing on blade and quillions RGB mixing on blade and quillions
Saber Apps NA Configuration only Up to 16 apps
Extra Sounds NA Single 'dual.wav' on the root 99 dualA, dualB, and fx sounds per font


The following properties are shared across all my sound boards.