Here you will find all the necessary support files for Igniter™. From the ever-growing manual to the default files that come on the μSD card from the factory, this section will help you get familiar with what it takes to own an Igniter™, and will help you get started if you already own one.


Last Updated:   3 April 2016

The owner’s manual is a crucial tool to using your Igniter Mini™ or Spark™. Many to most of the questions about setup and operation have already been answered right here in this manual! More than that, very helpful setup diagrams are included that will help you get started with your install. Make sure to read this cover to cover at least twice before attempting an install!

Igniter™ manual opened in Foxit Reader.

Please check back here often as the manual is a living document and will get updated frequently.

Download Igniter 2™ Manual

Download Spark Color 2™ Manual

Download Spark 2™ Manual

Download Igniter Mini™ Manual

Download Spark™ Manual

Download Spark Color™ Manual

The manual for the original Igniter™ can still be found in its archive here as well:

Download Igniter™ Manual

Default Files

Last Updated:   03 Jan 2016

The default files are the files that come on the μSD card from the factory. This package has been completely reworked for the Igniter Mini™ R5 release; not only are there 11 fonts included, with 10 being full-featured fonts, but all the colors and settings have been reworked to totally utilize all the amazing features from R4 and R5.

The package itself contains default master.ini file, the required silence.wav file, the required /dat folder with the .dat files, the required /color folder that contains settings for the color editor, and all config.ini, color.ini and accent.ini plus wav files for the 13 fonts. The 11 fonts included are

  • Father’s Son™ - Naigon
  • Standard Issue™ - Naigon
  • Essence Episode I™ - IndustrialAction
  • Hidden Warrior™ - Naigon/Mongo
  • All Too Easy™ - Naigon/Kota
  • Dark Apprentice – Naigon
  • The Dark Order – NineVoltNinja
  • Velocity – NineVoltNinja
  • 501 Commander – Naigon
  • Meteor – Link
  • Essence Episode II™ – IndustrialAction
  • Now That’s What I Call Racin’™ – IndustrialAction
  • Testing, Testing, Testing™ - Naigon

Download Igniter 2™ Default Files

Previous Igniter™ files

While other older products are not sold any longer on this site, the default files for those products like Igniter™ R4 and Igniter Mini™ R5 can be found by finding them in the right navigation pane of this page.

Spark Color 2™ Default Files

The Spark Color 2™ default files package comes with Father’s Son™, Essence Episode I, Hidden Warrior, Meteor™, and All Too Easy™, and 501 Commander™. These are a good mix of light and dark fonts to round out a nice color-changing saber.

Download Spark Color 2™ Default Files

Spark 2™ Default Files

The Spark 2™ default files package comes with Father’s Son™, Essence Episode I™, and 501 Commander™ only since it can only run two fonts. You can use any font available but these three have been selected as standard light and dark side fonts.

Download Spark 2™ Default Files

Cross-guard Default Files

The new Cross-Saber and X-Saber features introduced in S2-R2 and SC2-R2 (and Igniter 2™ for SC2-R2) allows a great way to have the saber represent the three-spiked version seen in the new film! To aid in configuration of these, default files with all the features turned on to make the respective cross-guards work are given below. Note that for Spark 2™ it is setup to have a single color blade (Cross-Saber) while for Spark Color 2™ and Igniter 2™ it is setup for an RGB color-changing blade (X-Saber).

Download I2 files for X-Saber enabled

Download SC2-R2 files for X-Saber enabled

Download S2-R2 files for Cross-Saber enabled

Igniter™ Config File Editor

The Igniter™ Config File Editor and the Spark™ Config File Editor can be downloaded from the Config Editor page.

Go to Igniter™ Config File Editor page.

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The following table highlights the differences between the Igniter 2™, Spark Color 2™, and Spark 2™ line.

Feature Spark 2™ Spark Color 2™ Igniter 2™
Sound Fonts 3 6 Up to 16
Music SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks SaberTracks to play up to 99 tracks SaberCinema to play up to 99 tracks while using the saber
Colors Classic flash clash supported Up to 9 color sets for RGBA mixing Up to 16 color profiles, with 32 independent blade colors
Color Variation One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per font for a total of 3 One blade, blast, and clash/lockup per color-set, up to 9 One blade, blast, clash/lockup, and dual phase (secondary blade) color per font, up to 16
Color Switch Font switch only Switch font to get to its default color-set; every font can cycle through every color-set Switch font to get to each font's profile; twist wrist to perform dual-phase color
Color Switch NA NA ClashShade™, BlastShade™, and BladeShade™
Cross Guard Built-in Single-color quillions with NO AUX FLASH Single-color quillions with effects on blade only Single-color quillions with effects on blade only
Cross Guard w/ XDrive NA RGB mixing on blade and quillions RGB mixing on blade and quillions
Saber Apps NA Configuration only Up to 16 apps
Extra Sounds NA Single 'dual.wav' on the root 99 dualA, dualB, and fx sounds per font


The following properties are shared across all my sound boards.