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Do you have any questions, comments or just want to chat about Igniter™ with Naigon of Naigon’s Electronic Creations? To contact Naigon’s Electronic Creations, please use the email address below. Expect up to two business days to receive a response.

Certified Installers

The following is the list of certified installers that can do all Naigon’s Electronic Creations installs, including the new Igniter-Mini™.

Name Email
Darth Alice
Caz of Darkside Engineering
Corran Horn of CSJ Props
Wayne Austin of Derby City Sabers
Shameem of Shameem's Saber Customization Services
Wade Henery of SaberConcepts
Larry Randle

Board Flashing (Firmware Updates)

When a new firmware version of a product is released, it is possible to get a board upgrade for a small fee. The following people have the ability to reflash your board to the newest firmware. Just contact the nearest person to setup the flashing.

Name Email Location
Naigon West US (Seattle)
Industrial Action East US
Corrarn Horn Canada
Darth Ryo Europe (France)


To prevent creating another forum that is directly attached to this site, Naigon’s Electronic Creations has moved into the IRA! You can find the forum in the link below. Read through all the stickies first and then you can ask any questions you need directly in that forum.

Naigon's Electronic Creations IRA page

Thank you for interest in Igniter™ and MTFBWY!

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