The Galaxy’s Most Vivid Color-Mixing LED

Z6, the only RGB LED with two die per color!

The Z6™ is the first (and only) color-mixing LED that has two die of each primary color: Red, Green, and Blue. This allows for vivid color mixes with an unparalleled brightness. A diode is right on board for Red as well, so that this hooks directly up to a 3.7v source with no resistors needed!

Now comes with the pictured optic! After many hours of testing I’ve determined this optic to work the best with the 1” blades while still working well for the 7/8” blade, and have sourced it for use with the Z6.

Works with most optic holders, including TCSS and the To The Hilt Sabers 1” holder.

Note: This LED does not work with the original Igniter™ that runs on a 7.4v pack.

Z6 and Optic
Image of product
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