XDrive - allows delayed ignition of quillons or secondary blades.

If you are looking to utilize the X-Saber feature of Spark Color 2 and Igniter 2, this board is for you. Hooking this to secondary side RGB blades will allow the delayed ignition while preserving the color and blade effects of the main blade.

The following diagram shows the wiring for the Spark Color 2 and Igniter 2 with the XDrive to achieve full color mixing on the main blade and two side quillions, while retaining the delayed ignition for the side quillions. This diagram will NOT work for Spark 2, as the XDrive requires 4 operating channels.

Wiring diagram for the XDrive for Spark Color 2 and Igniter 2

Wiring the XDrive to Spark Color 2 and Igniter 2. Taken from both manuals. Click to enlarge.

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