Railmaster DS28RND-8

Railmaster DS28RND-8 - 28mm, 8ohm 2watt speaker

Great small-depth speaker that packs a huge punch in volume. This is the same speaker that can be found from RailmasterHobbies.com:

Railmaster Hobbies Speakers

The railmaster DS28RND-8 is a 2watt, 8ohm speaker that works great with Igniter 2™, Spark Color 2™, Spark 2™, and the MaxAmp.

Speaker measures 28mm (1.1inch) in diameter with a thickness of about 2.2mm.

This is a very loud speaker, can handle full volume of all my boards without distorting, and has decent bass even with its flat size.

Railmaster DS28RND-8
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