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The revolution in sound is here. Sound Hornet brings you loud, clear sound that can be heard in places like a con or in a big public setting. Using the Sound Horent with Saber Stinger powered Igniter 2™ sabers, you will be able to blast the sound of 2 full sabers and up to 8 sabers to a custom speaker solution! With MaxAmp™ on-board and using an external MaxAmp™, it is possible to run a 3watt bass and 3watt tweeter speaker, delivering loud, clear sound.


The following is a list of the most exciting features when using the Sound Hornet.

  • MaxAmp™ and 16bit, 22050Hz audio from Igniter 2™.
  • Supports all the features of Igniter 2 (expect Multi-Phase).
  • Supports four audio mixing channels using TruMix with Auto-Compressing Technology™.
  • Two dedicated hum channels so that two sabers can be represented.
  • Two effects channels that are shared, allowing all effects to overlap, providing a rich sound.
  • Up to eight sabers can run at a time, where sabers 3-8 will run effects only (no hum).
  • Volume-Tap feature allows the 7 volume levels to be adjusted on the fly.
  • Board sized 1.75” x 0.85” for small installs.
  • Runs on a single 3.7v LI-ION battery.


Saber Swarm

Sound Hornet is one part of the entire Saber Swarm system. This system is the entire wireless solution from Naigon’s Electronic Creations, allowing Igniter 2-powered sabers to communicate with a sound server utilizing the ZigBee mesh networking.

If you are a saber group looking for a way to pipe sounds to a PA system, then you will want the Sound Hive. Please contact me via email for this product as it is current an order-only solution.
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Hornet Bundle
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The Hornet Bundle comes with one Sound Hornet and 2 Igniter 2 cards.

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