Crystal Chamber RGB kit

Crystal chamber kit - Allows installing a color-matching crystal for an RGB saber.

Naigon’s Electronic Creations is pleased to offer these awesome kits for building an RGB blade-matching crystal chamber! Comes with the common-annode RGB 5mm LED, two 1ohm 1/8watt resistors for green and blue, and one 22ohm resistor for red. The LED is rated at 9,000mcd for green, 5,000mcd for red, and 7,000mcd for blue, so it is quite bright. Clear colored with a 25degree viewing angle.

To hook up this LED with Spark Color 2 or Igniter 2 and an NECree RGB LED, follow the diagram below, taken from the Spark Color 2 and Igniter 2 manuals.

Wiring diagram for the RGB crystal chamber

Wiring diagram for the crystal chamber RGB led. R1 is the 22ohm and R2 is for the 1 ohm resistors. Click to enlarge.

Image of product
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